Mississippi Charter Boat Captains Association

Chandeleur Fishing

Due South III

114’ 1-14 Passengers

228-872-8422      228-365-5572

Chandeleur Fishing

I’m Alone - Capt. Charles Graham Sr.

88’ 1-28 Passengers

228-762-4838     228-219-2600

Louisiana Marsh

Chandeleur Fishing

Joka’s Wildl - Capt. George Peleaz

88’ 1-12 Passengers

228-392-0989         228-697-4684

Chandeleur Fishing


Southern Belle - Capt. Howie Hobbs Jr.

65’ 1-12 Passengers

228-897-1317       228-861-0188

Chandeleur Fishing

Southern Way - Capt. Brian Gagnon

The Southern Way is designed to accommodate entertaining as well as the seasoned sportsman. It is

well appointed with custom wood interiors, a full entertainment system and all the comforts of home.

Full course meals are served with plenty of Southern seasonings, service and stories. Come and discover

the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast Barrier Islands, Chandeleur Islands and Louisiana Marshes the

Southern Way.

72’ 1-12 Passengers

601-299-0726        Fax: 601-264-2519

Chandeleur, Cat Island, Louisiana Marsh Fishing

The VI - Capt. Robert Thornton III

110’ 1-12 Passengers

228-432-0257     228-861-4878

Chandeleur, Trolling, Bottom Fishing


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